The overview of IMF training is developed in "3" phases of the athletes abilities:

  • The Physical phase: Each athletes physical abilities are challenged in a realistic approach designed to insure they can apply what they are being taught "away" from the sessions. The relationship between their activities and their sport are never lost.
  • The Mental phase: Every athlete is presented with various mental challenges designed to create failure and success to teach that athlete how to deal with failure, adversity and the humble approach towards achieving their goals, while creating the motivation to strive for more than what is average in their sport or physical endeavor.
  • The Accountability phase: Every athlete is held accountable for their own advancement in training sessions. IMF provides the tool belt but the athlete is the one who must understand and apply each mental and physical tool from that belt.
The three basic phases above form a solid portion of what IMF will do for every athlete who works with us - teaching is our goal and creating athletes who learn to create their own success on and off their sports field is the reward we seek.