Rachael Landry

As a soccer player since the age of 6, Recreational into Lonestar club and now as a varsity player for Vandegrift since her Freshman season. Rachael has always had a passion for the game of soccer. Rachael was voted as captain of the varsity team for the recent 2013 season. 

Rachael's hard work ethic from sports easily translated into her academic approach to all high school endeavors. She has been taking honors courses since her freshman year and is currently a NHS member and a PAL. 

Rachael's soccer experience and her high school experiences have brought her to develop the passion to work with children  to teach the game as a coach and a trainer. The interest to teach is what directed Rachael to working with IMF in the mentorship program for a season working with young athletes under the guidance of professional staff.

Rachael worked a full season with Jr. Academy players at the Steiner Ranch/Riverplace location during their training sessions and was tasked with observing the sessions during week one and two. After week one and then on into the remainder of the season, Rachael assisted staff and was guided in the following: 

1. Running a teams topic related warm up.

2. Running various portions of a session with a provided session plan or topic.

During the season Rachael was in the mentorship program for IMF, she did a great job working with the young athletes and modeling her coaching techniques after various staff  whom where working with her.  We look forward to having Rachael back at some point in her highschool and college career to continue working in the mentorship program and continue to teach all the players she works with.